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Everyone has moles. However, children and adults with a history of sun exposure or light skin may have more. They can appear anywhere on the skin and have a wide range of appearances: Normal moles may be flat or raised and may develop hair. They usually have one color—typically skin-toned, pink, tan, or light or dark brown—and should look and feel the same from month to month. We suggest that you have your skin and moles monitored regularly by one of our dermatologists

Moles that have uneven color, irregular borders or are larger than average may be abnormal. A dysplastic or atypical mole carries a greater risk of developing into melanoma cancer. If you have one that grows, changes in shape, size, or color, or becomes painful, itches, or bleeds, call our office to have it checked.

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ABCDE = Early Warning Signs of Melanoma

  • Asymmetry: One half doesn't match the other half
  • Border: The edges are ragged, uneven, or irregular
  • Color: Several shades of brown or multiple colors are present
  • Diameter: The size is larger than 6 mm or the size of a pencil eraser
  • Evolving: There are changes in shape, size, color or sensation

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