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Medical Conditions

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In addition to acne, psoriasis, and skin cancer, Patient Preferred Dermatology handles a variety of other medical conditions, including eczema. Orange County patients seeking help for their skin can find diagnosis and treatment from the team serving Los Alamitos and surrounding communities.

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A variety of conditions can lead to cysts, including common acne and other medical disorders. Cysts are filled with fluid and other substances. They appear as soft or firm lumps in the skin. Cysts can grow larger, become inflamed and may become infected. In these cases, they can be surgically drained or removed as indicated. The doctors at Patient Preferred Dermatology biopsy all cysts; fortunately, they have never found a cancerous one in more than 1,000 cases.


As the body's primary barrier against bacteria and other harmful agents, the skin is exposed to countless opportunities for infection each day. A small scratch may be enough to transfer unwanted microorganisms from the surface to where there are more hospitable conditions below. Infections can be caused by bacteria (as with cellulitis), viruses (as with warts), fungus (as with ringworm), and small parasites (as with scabies). A trained dermatologist can diagnose your particular infection and recommend an appropriate treatment to help clear it up.

Itchy Skin

Constantly wanting to scratch at itchy skin can be incredibly annoying, and can also be a sign of an underlying medical condition. A trained dermatologist is ideal for identifying the source of itchy skin, whether it's due to a new soap or skin product, an infection, exposure to a known irritant (such as poison oak), a medical condition, or the most common cause: dry skin. Avoid scratching itchy areas, since doing so can worsen the problem and open the skin to more serious infections.


Melasma is a skin condition consisting of brown patches on the face, most commonly in women. This condition is predominately triggered by hormone shifts, such as pregnancy or oral contraceptives. In most cases, it can be exacerbated by exposure to sunlight. Chemical peels can help treat melasma, as can certain topical medications.


Appearing as red, itchy rash-like patches, this scaly skin condition is most common in children, though eczema can impact any age group. While the exact cause of eczema is unknown, it seems to be related to allergies and dry skin. Although there is currently no cure for eczema, a dermatologist can help sufferers to manage their symptoms and reduce eczema flare-ups


Like infections, there are numerous reasons a person may develop a rash, from environmental to viral. Many diseases—such as chicken pox—present with distinct rashes, though red, itchy skin can be caused by anything from a bad reaction to a particular deodorant or from touching a plant such as poison oak. The most common cause of rashes is excessively dry skin. If a rash is painful, persistent, or otherwise worrying, a dermatologist can help diagnose it and propose an appropriate treatment.


Caused by a contagious virus, warts can develop just about anywhere on the body. They are transmittable from person to person, as well as from area to area on your own body. Dermatologists have a variety of methods for treating warts, which include freezing, chemical treatments, and laser.

Hair Loss

Hair loss is a disorder with multiple potential causes. Hair loss that exceeds the expected daily volume can indicate shifts within the body. Conditions such as pregnancy and menopause that alter hormone levels can cause hair loss, as can stress, diet, certain medications, and even repeated traction on the hair roots. The most common cause of hair loss in men and women is due to normal aging, which results in gradual hair loss in a predictable pattern. Patients with concerns can talk to a dermatologist to discover if their concerns have a root in something more serious.

Nail Fungus

Certain fungi that infect fingernails and toenails can cause the nail to grow misshapen, discolored, or not at all. These infections can live in the nail bed and resist even committed efforts to eradicate them. Treatments may be employed to eradicate the fungus and allow the nail to resume proper growth.


Although most commonly occurring in middle-aged women, rosacea can appear in adults of all ages. The signs of rosacea include a rash-like swath of red skin, small bumps, visible blood vessels, and thickened skin. These symptoms can develop gradually or suddenly, and may be exacerbated by factors that increase blood flow to the skin.

Though there is no cure for this chronic condition, patients can receive help from our dermatologists to manage their symptoms and improve their appearance.

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