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Get Longer Eyelashes

Some people naturally grow long, dark eyelashes, but others need a little help. The prescription cosmetic LATISSE® at Long Beach's Patient Preferred Dermatology stimulates smaller, shorter, and thinner eyelashes lashes to become thicker, darker, and fuller. It is applied to the base of the eyelashes every evening. The first signs of change typically begin about six weeks after the start of treatment. Full results are achieved at about 16 weeks.

If you stop using this product, your lashes will gradually return to their original size and thickness. Careful and consistent application is the key to success. Be sure to follow all instructions in order to get the maximum benefit.

Learn more about LATISSE® for Long Beach by calling Patient Preferred Dermatology at (562) 430-4294. The practice serves Los Alamitos, Cerritos, and all of Orange County. You can also set up a consultation.

* individual results may vary